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Ideal for Court, Divorce, Custody Requirements and Self-Growth

Getting divorced is never easy. It's difficult on the couple and even more troubling for children of all ages. Online Parent Class™ has been providing online co-parenting classes since 2008. We focus on teaching parents how to better and more positively interact with each other through the process of separating, divorcing and sharing custody with the goal of creating happier lives.

Our co-parenting classes are frequently take for divorce, custody requirements, court requirements, CPS, separation, high conflict parenting, parenting through divorce and simply for personal gain and improvement.

Co-Parenting Classes – 100% Online, Guaranteed and Nationally Accepted

Online Parent Class helps families in a number of ways. We strive to provide quality educational classes that will enhance the family unit, while fostering nurturing relationships between parents and children. We help families by teaching them how to co-parent by reducing conflict and keeping their stress under control during difficult times. Our curriculum uses empirically validated interventions based on the most current research.

2 hour Co-Parenting Class$55.00Register
4 hour Co-Parenting Class$95.00Register
6 hour Co-Parenting Class$125.00Register
Advanced 10 Hour Co-Parenting Class$195.00Register
Advanced 16 Hour Co-Parenting Class$295.00Register
Advanced 26 Hour Co-Parenting Class$395.00Register
Spanish Co-Parenting Class (Curso de Paternidad)$95.00Register

Co-Parenting Class Options – 4 Hour, 6 Hour and "Advanced" 10, 16, and 26 Hour Classes has provided over 15,000 parenting and co-parenting classes since we first started providing these programs. We don't just offer co-parenting classes online, we also provide them in a real life classroom setting offered by licensed psychotherapist, Ari Novick, Ph.D. We have short programs of 4 hours (which is the most common length taken) and up to 26 hours (typically for a court or legal requirement, but can be taken for self-growth).

What's Included in Every Online Co-Parenting Class?

Every student who completes our classes will receive a certificate of completion, which is both instantly downloadable and sent in the mail (free). Everyone passes with our no fail format and if you need help, we offer friendly and knowledgeable customer support.

The Online Co-Parenting Classes Benefits:

  • Decreasing stress and conflict within the family
  • Teach skills to both parents to foster positive interactions
  • Help children not get caught in the middle and have to choose a parent
  • Show parents how to create a more relaxing and peaceful home environment for everyone
  • Help parents teach kids skills to reduce at risk behavior such as drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, shoplifting and other problematic behaviors
  • Give parents ways to show unconditional acceptance and love during and after the divorce

Further Online Co-Parenting Classes Benefits Include:

  • Shows parents how to prioritize children first, then themselves
  • Teaches bonding behaviors so parents and children feel more connected, safe and secure
  • Parents learn how to become more empathic to their children’s needs
  • Parents will learn how personal responsibility is critical for stopping the cycle of blame and resentment which allows for more healing and forgiveness
  • Showing parents that working out financial decisions together is still important and necessary
  • Showing parents that two homes isn’t bad or damaged, but rather healthier for everyone

Program Content Review

View our comprehensive detailed Online Co-parenting Class syllabus

  • Assertive Communication for Parents
  • Stress Management
  • Empathy training for Parenting and Co-parents
  • Anger and Conflict resolution
  • Parenting styles
  • Boundary and limit setting
  • Co-parenting Teamwork/Challenges
  • Co-parenting plan
  • Step-family Dynamics
  • Rewards and Discipline for children
  • Avoiding Parenting Mistakes
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