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Click one of the registration buttons to choose your online class. The class is available in two versions, either Parenting Class or Co-Parenting Class. The price includes creating and sending your certificate of completion. Please select your course option below.

Program Price
2 hour Parenting Class $55.00
2 hour Co-Parenting Class $55.00
4 hour Parenting Class $95.00
4 hour Co-Parenting Class $95.00
6 hour Parenting Class $125.00
6 hour Co-Parenting Class $125.00
Advanced 10 Hour Parenting Class $195.00
Advanced 10 Hour Co-Parenting Class $195.00
Advanced 12 Hour Parenting Class $245.00
Advanced 12 Hour Co-Parenting Class $245.00
Advanced 16 Hour Parenting Class $295.00
Advanced 16 Hour Co-Parenting Class $295.00
Advanced 26 Hour Parenting Class $395.00
Advanced 26 Hour Co-Parenting Class $395.00
Florida Parent Education/Stabilization Course $95.00
Spanish Parenting Class (Curso de Paternidad) $95.00
Spanish Co-Parenting Class (Curso de Paternidad) $95.00
If you are a Florida resident and need a Florida Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course, please click here.
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