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Hear what our clients have to say about our online parenting class:

“Thank you so much for such a great course. I really appreciated such a great class and fast customer service. My daughter is going to be able to spend time with her daddy now. Thank you for this great class. It helped a lot.”
Manuel S. — Roswell, NM
“I want to thank you for the course. I really enjoyed taking the course even though it was court ordered. Additionally, I would take an additional course if you had it. Thank-you so much.”
Michelle C. — Jacksonville, FL
“Hello Dr. Novick,

I received my certificate in the mail today and also received your email with the attached certificate. Thank you and it was an excellent course.”
Andrea A. — Burlington, ON, Canada
“Dr Ari,

Thank you! Your online parenting class was a crucial factor in the judge denying the Great Grand Parents motion that I did not complete a suitable parenting class. Because you showed me a little bit of care, my son and I will enjoy this weekend together for the first time unsupervised.

Thank you again”
Michael C. — Alpine, CA
“Thank you very much. I am happy to have used your course. I learned a lot of valuable information and fulfilled my requirements.”
Michael D. — Charleston, SC

Thank you for all your effort and help. My divorce was finalized today and the judge accepted your online course credit. Keep up the good work!

Thank you!”
Josh W. — Atlanta, GA
“Hi Dr. Novick,

I completed the course and absolutely loved it. It has been life changing for me. You are a genius.”
Ann V. — Atlanta, GA
“I would just like to say that this class has been excellent. I'm a single mom who works to much and often feels like I'm doing it wrong or I expect too much. This has really reminded me that like ever parent I will make mistakes and have. Being conscience and open to changes in my child and the stages we will both go through. I'm not failing when she argues or steps out of line it's normal and as long as I don't feel guilty when she has to go to her room or the corner or even lose that favorite toy that hasn't left her side in 4 years. That we're going to make it.

There are verbal phrases I chose never to use with my kids that my parents used with me. I never truly acknowledge why til after this class. I haven't even finished yet but I suspect that when I have I will be more comfortable in my Mom skin than I already was. I would just like to say thank you. My work schedule makes it hard for me to take classes when they are availible without taking away the time I have with my kids and it always seems like not enough already.

Again Thank You”
Jennifer K. — Portland, OR
“This online parenting class was so helpful. I never even realized the things I was doing wrong as a parent. Thanks Dr. Novick!”
Arlene M. — San Diego, CA
“I had to take a co-parenting class as part of our court requirement. was so easy and affordable. I even learned some new skills that I can start using today”
James R. — Boise, ID
“My ex and I were both requested to take a parenting class as part of our custody agreement. I thought a parenting class would be a waste of time. I was so wrong. This class really opened my eyes.”
Melissa F. — Tallahassee, TN
“I was requested to take a co-parenting class. It’s was really hard for me to find the time away from my children and my job. This online class was so easy and I got the certificate of completion I needed quickly. Thanks for making such a great course.”
Becky G. — Boston, MA
“I knew I need help with my parenting, and quite honestly, I was afraid to admit it. I would often lose my temper and my children would get out of hand easily. I learned some great skills that have almost immediately helped me as a more effective parent. This class was wonderful.”
Jordan P. — Los Gatos, CA
“It’s hard to find a quality parenting class online. I really searched and I couldn’t tell who would be the best. This class was so helpful to me, and it met my court requirement to take a parenting class. Well worth the money. Thank you.”
Emily W. — Cherry Hill, NJ
“Both my ex-wife and I needed to take a parenting class as a mandated requirement. She attended a weekly class that cost a lot of money and time from work. I took your online course, lost no time away from work, and learned a ton. I love that classes are available 24 hours a day.”
Martin K. — Houston, TX
“I didn’t even know co-parenting classes existed. The skills I learned in this class will make me a better and more appropriate parent.”
Lisa S. — Eugene, OR
“Just wanted to say thank you Dr. Novick.

I was in an unfortunate situation, didn't know where to turn for parenting classes. Your online class immediately was helpful Just wanted to leave a note to say how grateful I was. Thank you.”
Jeannie J. — Los Angeles, CA