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Mobile Friendly follows the guidelines as set forth in statute ยง 105.009. Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course as outlined for courses in order to be accepted by Texas courts.

We are a leading online Texas provider for parents who would like to complete their legal, CPS, probation, social service or personal growth needs in the convenience of their own home. All parenting and co-parenting classes are easy to navigate, available in both Spanish and English and can be taken 24/7. Once you register, the class becomes immediately available to start or you can choose a more convenient time. There is no limit to how often you log in and out, and the computer program holds your last spot. A proof of enrollment can be accessed as soon as you start and when you finish you can instantly download your certificate of completion. All certificates are mailed free of charge unless you choose a specific expedited shipping method. Why spend time away from your family, social or work commitments? Improve your interactions with your children, ex-spouse or significant other by learning new skills today! Click here to Register.

While we have participants taking our program throughout many counties and cities in the state of Texas. Some of the most common areas include: Austin, Baytown, Brownfield, Cypress, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Katy, Killeen, New Braunfels, Round Rock, San Antonio, Seguin and Spring.

2 hour Parenting Class$55.00Register
2 hour Co-Parenting Class$55.00Register
4 hour Parenting Class$95.00Register
4 hour Co-Parenting Class$95.00Register
6 hour Parenting Class$125.00Register
6 hour Co-Parenting Class$125.00Register
Advanced 10 Hour Parenting Class$195.00Register
Advanced 10 Hour Co-Parenting Class$195.00Register
Advanced 12 Hour Parenting Class$245.00Register
Advanced 12 Hour Co-Parenting Class$245.00Register
Advanced 16 Hour Parenting Class$295.00Register
Advanced 16 Hour Co-Parenting Class$295.00Register
Advanced 26 Hour Parenting Class$395.00Register
Advanced 26 Hour Co-Parenting Class$395.00Register
Florida Parent Education/Stabilization Course$95.00Register
Spanish Parenting Class (Curso de Paternidad)$95.00Register
Spanish Co-Parenting Class (Curso de Paternidad)$95.00Register
10 Hour Spanish Parenting Class (Curso de Paternidad)$195.00Register
10 Hour Spanish Co-Parenting Class (Curso de Co-Paternidad)$195.00Register

Our programs come with our satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk in taking our online courses. Our online parenting classes are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Our courses are available in all 50 U.S. states, Canada, and abroad. We also provide a course syllabus which can be reviewed as well as 24-hour and phone support. Get started today!

Texas Online Parenting Class Highlights:

How Does It Work?

Our online parenting and divorce education classes are perfect for any parent who travels for work, has an ever-changing work schedule, goes to school, has transportation or health-related issues, or is just simply busy trying to juggle everything! As our student, you can read through the material 100% online on the screen in front of you at your own pace. You can use any Internet connected device like a PC, laptop, IPad or even your Smartphone from anywhere in the world! Students simply read through the material, take short T/F quizzes at the end of each chapter and a final exam. Once you pass the final exam with a 70% or better, you can immediately download a copy of your certificate of completion and we put the embossed hard copy in the mail to you. Our classes are professionally developed, engaging and inspiring.

Quick and Convenient

There are many benefits to taking our course online. Not only can you take it on your own schedule instead of someone else's, but you can decide if you want to finish your 4-hour course in one evening or spread it out over days or weeks.

Phone and Email Support

We want to make all our customers feel completely comfortable with their experience using our company. If any questions arise, a professional staff is available to speak or email with 5 days a week. We also do our best to answer evening and weekend emails in a prompt manner. You can verify our business ethic and feel confident with our program by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Texas Divorce Laws

In 1981 Texas had a high of 101,856 divorces. This number has been steadily dropping as the marriage rate has also decreased. Now there are about 75,000 divorces per year and in 2012 about 62,000 children were directly affected by divorce. To file for a divorce in Texas, at least one spouse must have been a resident of the state for the 6 months prior to the filing, and resided in the county for the prior 90 days. There are 7 statutory grounds for divorce; the most often used is called "in supportability". In laymen's terms, this means a conflict of personalities that prevents any kind of reasonable reconciliation. If you go the "fault" route, you must prove cruelty, adultery, commitment of a felony with imprisonment for at least one year, abandonment for at least one year, living apart for at least 3 years or that one spouse has been confined to a mental hospital for at least 3 years and relapse is probable. If the divorce is uncontested, the law requires a 60-day waiting period from the date the divorce petition is filed to finalize the divorce.

Texas Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course

According to Code Section 105.009, the court can mandate divorcing parents to take a course between 4 hours and 12 hours in length that is designed to educate parents about the affects of divorce on the children. The class must include such topics as: emotional and behavioral reactions; the needs of children at different ages and stages; stress and conflict management skills; effective communication skills; and how to develop a successful co-parenting relationship. Parents can ask the judge for approval of an online program that covers these topics and is designed by a mental health professional with at least a master's degree in family therapy or parent education. Our classes qualify to fulfill these requirements.

Texas Client Review

"I have to admit that I took this course reluctantly. I was pleasantly surprised by how informative and engaging the material was. I found it very helpful and recommend it to help stressed out, divorcing parents focus their efforts on what is best for the children." Kayla T. - Laredo, TX