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We frequently get asked the question: What is the difference between the "parenting" and "co-parenting" classes we offer online through our website at is a leading national provider of high quality, cost effective and comprehensive parenting programs available through our world class online educational classroom. Classes can be taken from any computer 24 hours a day. Classes can be started immediately after registration. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the course. Classes are ideal for a court order, legal requirement, custody or divorce requirements, adoption or simply for personal growth.

Our parenting and co-parenting classes are very similar. The primarly difference between the two courses is that the co-parenting class has a very detailed co-parenting plan. This sample plan shows parents effective and useful ways of sharing time with children and interactiving with each other in a more civilized way. The plan gives detail on how time can be divided equitably and how divorced and separated parents can effectively work out arragements with each other in sharing their children putting the kids interest first.

For more information on our Online Co-Parenting or Parenting Classes please visit our website.

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