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Online Parent was recently approved by the 7th Judicial District court in the state of Colorado as an acceptable and approved provider of Parenting and Co-parenting classes.  We will be added to their official list shortly.  Those interested in taking an approved Colorado parenting class through this court my now do so on our website.  For more information regarding our online parenting classes or co-parenting classes, visit our website or call our office at 949 715-2694

2 hour Parenting Class$55.00Register
4 hour Parenting Class$95.00Register
6 hour Parenting Class$125.00Register
Advanced 10 Hour Parenting Class$195.00Register
Advanced 12 Hour Parenting Class$245.00Register
Advanced 16 Hour Parenting Class$295.00Register
Advanced 26 Hour Parenting Class$395.00Register
Spanish Parenting Class (Curso de Paternidad)$95.00Register
Spanish Co-Parenting Class (Curso de Co-Paternidad)$95.00Register
10 Hour Spanish Parenting Class (Curso de Paternidad)$195.00Register
10 Hour Spanish Co-Parenting Class (Curso de o-Paternidad)$195.00Register