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Online Parent Class is a premier distance learning provider of educational parenting and co-parenting classes. Our classes are ideal to fulfill the needs of busy caregivers who have been court mandated to take parenting classes for divorce or separation, or for CPS, Foster Care or Adoption purposes. Many of our clients simply take the class to help stabilize and improve family life. All participants of our online programs have instant access to the proof of enrollment form once they register. The certificate of completion is available to download and print out immediately once the class is finished. We mail the certificate free of charge via USPS and expedited shipping is also available. This is the most private, convenient and hassle-free way to take your parenting class without missing any time away from work or family commitments. Take your class from an industry leader today! Click here to Register.

While we have participants taking our program throughout many counties and cities in the state of Maryland. Some of the most common areas include: Annapolis, Baltimore, Bel Air, Capitol Heights, Edgewater, Elkridge, Ellicott City, Frederick, Glen Burnie, Hyattsville, Laurel, Mechanicsville, Pasadena, Rockville and Silver Spring.

2 hour Parenting Class$55.00Register
2 hour Co-Parenting Class$55.00Register
4 hour Parenting Class$95.00Register
4 hour Co-Parenting Class$95.00Register
6 hour Parenting Class$125.00Register
6 hour Co-Parenting Class$125.00Register
Advanced 10 Hour Parenting Class$195.00Register
Advanced 10 Hour Co-Parenting Class$195.00Register
Advanced 12 Hour Parenting Class$245.00Register
Advanced 12 Hour Co-Parenting Class$245.00Register
Advanced 16 Hour Parenting Class$295.00Register
Advanced 16 Hour Co-Parenting Class$295.00Register
Advanced 26 Hour Parenting Class$395.00Register
Advanced 26 Hour Co-Parenting Class$395.00Register
Florida Parent Education/Stabilization Course$95.00Register
Spanish Parenting Class (Curso de Paternidad)$95.00Register
Spanish Co-Parenting Class (Curso de Paternidad)$95.00Register
10 Hour Spanish Parenting Class (Curso de Paternidad)$195.00Register
10 Hour Spanish Co-Parenting Class (Curso de Co-Paternidad)$195.00Register

Our programs come with our satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk in taking our online courses. Our online parenting classes are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Our courses are available in all 50 U.S. states, Canada, and abroad. We also provide a course syllabus which can be reviewed as well as 24-hour and phone support. Get started today!

Maryland Online Parenting Class Highlights:

No Hidden Fees or Paperwork!

Our online parent courses allow you to work at your own pace. You can take the class from any WIFI connected computer device at any time of the day or night. Everything is done online so you don't have to wait for any material to arrive in the mail or keep track of any books or paperwork. Your registration fee includes the cost of your proof of enrollment, progress reports and Certificate of Completion. You can download and print out all 3 of these documents. You would only run into an additional cost if you want to expedite the hard copy of your completion certificate overnight.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Class?

Once you register, you can login and out of the class as many times as you wish. The pages are timed so it will take you at least the designated length of the class to complete your program. You must take the final exam in one sitting but if you don't pass, you can go back and review the material and take it again until you do.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Certificate of Completion?

You can immediately download a copy as soon as you have successfully passed the class. You will see a button that says "download certificate of completion" to click on. You have the ability to log back into your account and download additional copies at any time after you have finished. The official embossed hard copy will be shipped via USPS within 5 - 7 business days of your completion. You can also choose from a few expedited selections to get it to you more quickly.

What If I Have Questions While I'm Taking The Class?

We have a dedicated staff to answer your calls and emails. We are in the office 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. five days a week and will also answer your emails at night and over the weekend. Simply fill our our "contact us" form and we will respond promptly.

Divorce In Maryland

The most recent Census Bureau data shows that there are lower rates of divorce in the Northeast and specifically Maryland. This has been attributed to the higher level of education and the later age of marriage in this area. There is no residency requirement if both spouses are currently residents of Maryland and the cause of divorce happened in Maryland. The law refers to two different types of divorce, absolute and limited. There are six different grounds for an absolute decree which include adultery, desertion, voluntary separation, criminal conviction, 2 year separation and insanity. This is considered a permanent termination of marriage. A Limited divorce is similar to what is called a "legal separation" in other states. The major difference is that the spouses are still legally married so therefore cannot remarry.

Maryland Rule 9-204.1

Some courts in Maryland require that divorcing parents in contested cases involving children attend co-parenting classes. The co-parenting education program is designed to provide information on how divorce impacts children, how it changes the relationship, how to make stable transitions between two households, and effective communication skills to reinforce appropriate behavior. Online classes can be taken with prior approval in many courts throughout the state.

Maryland Customer Review

"This online co-parenting class helped enhance my skills in handling my kids and in communicating with my ex during this stressful time. It provided clear, easy to understand information in a way that kept me interested throughout the 6 hours. It was a quality learning experience!" Calvin T. - Frederick, MD