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Online Parent Class is a national leading resource for taking a quality, trusted and enriching parenting or co-parenting class from the comfort of your own home! We provide the support and education you need to help parent toddlers through teens. Our goal is to provide busy caregivers with a hassle-free way to fulfill court, social service, probation or personal growth needs. Once registered, all participants of our online parenting and co-parenting classes will have immediate access to download their "proof of enrollment" and a "certificate of completion" when you finish the class. An embossed hard copy is also mailed free of charge. Just ask your judge, probation officer or social worker if you can learn from home so you don't have to miss more time away from family and work commitments. Take your parenting class from well-known industry leader today! Click here to Register.

2 hour Parenting Class$55.00Register
2 hour Co-Parenting Class$55.00Register
4 hour Parenting Class$95.00Register
4 hour Co-Parenting Class$95.00Register
6 hour Parenting Class$125.00Register
6 hour Co-Parenting Class$125.00Register
Advanced 10 Hour Parenting Class$195.00Register
Advanced 10 Hour Co-Parenting Class$195.00Register
Advanced 12 Hour Parenting Class$245.00Register
Advanced 12 Hour Co-Parenting Class$245.00Register
Advanced 16 Hour Parenting Class$295.00Register
Advanced 16 Hour Co-Parenting Class$295.00Register
Advanced 26 Hour Parenting Class$395.00Register
Advanced 26 Hour Co-Parenting Class$395.00Register
Florida Parent Education/Stabilization Course$95.00Register
Spanish Parenting Class (Curso de Paternidad)$95.00Register
Spanish Co-Parenting Class (Curso de Paternidad)$95.00Register
10 Hour Spanish Parenting Class (Curso de Paternidad)$195.00Register
10 Hour Spanish Co-Parenting Class (Curso de Co-Paternidad)$195.00Register

Our programs come with our satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk in taking our online courses. Our online parenting classes are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Our courses are available in all 50 U.S. states, Canada, and abroad. We also provide a course syllabus which can be reviewed as well as 24-hour and phone support. Get started today!

District of Columbia Online Parenting Class Highlights:

World Class Quality, Self-Paced

Dr. Ari Novick, Ph.D., a licensed and practicing Family Therapist and Anger Management Specialist, has designed our online parent education classes. They are meant to help busy parents learn new skills from anywhere in the country. You can access your Washington DC classes from any computer device with Internet connection including your PC, Ipad, Tablet, Laptop, or even Smartphone! Simply pick the length of course you would like and take it at your own pace whenever you have free time, 24/7. There is no limit to the number of times you log in and out and the computer program will hold your last spot so you can jump back in where you left off. No long drives, no need for babysitters, no hassle!

Private and Affordable

Our classes are competitively priced to make it feasible for every parent to learn from home. Feel free to call us if you would like to set up a payment plan. A tremendous benefit of taking your parenting or co-parenting class online is privacy! Why drive for miles to enter a weekly group class full of strangers when you can learn from the quiet of your own home, a local library or even a coffee house.

Customer Service Support

No need to worry that you don't have enough computer experience or will get stuck with a question and nowhere to turn. Our classes are designed to be clear and easy to follow. You simply read through the material and scroll through the pages. At the end of the class, you will take a short T/F final that can be retaken at no additional cost. Once you pass with a 70% or better, you will receive your Certificate of Completion. If any question arises prior to, during or after taking the course, you can quickly call us during the traditional work week or email us after hours and weekends. We want to make all of our customers feel 100% comfortable with taking our program and provide live customer service representatives to answer your calls and email in a timely manner.

Divorce Laws In Washington DC

According to the National Center for Family and Marriage, a 2013 survey showed that about 30 of every 1,000 marriages ended in divorce in the DC area. In order to file for divorce in Washington DC, at least one spouse must have lived in the District of Columbia for the 6 months prior to filing and the couple must have agreed to live separately without sexual relations during this time or lived apart for 1 year. Your divorce will be final 30 days after the hearing in which your judge grants your divorce. Either of you can file an appeal during this 30-day period or sign a Joint Waiver of Appeal, which does away with the waiting period and makes the order immediately final.

Parent Education Classes for Divorce

Many judges now mandate that parents take co-parenting classes when going through a divorce involving children under the age of 18. Research has shown that children of divorced parents have an increased risk for low self-esteem, mental health and social adjustment issues. Taking this class prepares parents to better handle this difficult time by teaching anger and stress management, improved communication skills, increased empathy for what their children are going through and how to set-up a strong co-parenting relationship. If you would like the flexibility and affordability of taking one of our classes online, just ask your judge for prior approval.

Washington DC Review

"Both my ex-spouse and I took this class because we were worried about how our kids were reacting to our separation. We wanted to learn what the experts say is the best way to handle this stressful situation. It helped us to understand what exactly to do to help our kids stay confident, well-balanced and happy people. We are both working hard to do the best for our kids and this class definitely helped us with the framework to stay on the right track!" Bella C. - Washington, DC