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One of the biggest challenges parents face these days is how to address the issue of technology and how much (or little) their children use.  Ipads, phones, computers, watches, game consoles and much more all give access to the internet, games and information.  What should parents to do both understand the technology as well as protect their children?  I think the first step is to get educated.  Parents need to understand the ways their kids are using technology and the effects it may be having on their emotional and physical state.  Most parents don't realize the impact websites like Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook have on their children.  Kids as young as 7 are creating Instagram accounts and as more young people have access to cellphones we will continue to see a variety of problems exist with usage.  Learn more about these technologies as well as a great information on how to improve parenting skills by taking one of our online programs, or simply call our office at 949-715-2694

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